About us



This is a commercial limited liability establishment that was founded in Jordan in the late 1960s and started to find the way to international trading, so it expanded its business to include East Asian countries where its first center emerged in the early 1970s, therefore the founder of the Global Foundation of International Trade (Al-Amin International Est.) Mr. Mohammad Akram Al-Sayyed was one of the first businessmen to plant the roots of international trading with East Asian countries. And with the wide spread of Chinese goods in early 1990s, Al-Amin Est. was of the first in the Chinese markets, so two branches of the company were opened in Guangzhou in southern China, and in Yiwu the international trade city of China, where both branches do there commercial activities with complete independence. For instance, Guangzhou’s office is dedicated to global fashions field, as it contains a fully equipped showroom of clothing especially men’s clothing besides boys’ clothing, both formal and sports. In addition that this branch distributes its products to all over the world to fill each country’s needs and suit different customer tastes. Whereas the other office is dedicated to provide all commercial services to the customers such as buying, storing, compiling, exporting, shipping and whatever needed to accomplish a successful trade work. Not only did the accuracy and smoothness of Al-Amin Est. service providing put it on top of existing companies, but also they let it compete with local companies in services that make working with Al-Amin Est. a smooth and accurate, fast and interesting, Efficient and excellent process. We at Al-Amin Est. have a crew of specialists marked with experience and confidence in their respective fields in different languages which added momentum to giving and devotion to customer servicing. Therefore Al-Amin later won the trust of the customer with its distinguished services and competitive prices for high-quality goods. At last, all we can say is that Al-Amin's care for its customers made customer satisfaction and interest achievement the most important objective within the framework of mutual interests.



Al-Amin International Est.